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1) Displays temperature at the probe from 32.0 degrees to 99.9 degrees F.

2) Displays speed at the probe from 0.0 to 9.9 miles per hour (MPH)

3) LO BAT icon - when illuminated, the 9V battery in the probe is low and should be replaced soon. The
low battery indicator is calibrated to ensure you have a minimum of 8 hrs. of use prior to battery
replacement. If this indicator illuminates during an outing the user may continue to use the system for up
to 8 hours. Just be sure to replace the battery at the end of the day so you are ready for the next outing.

4) ON/OFF button - Press this switch momentarily to turn the unit on. When the unit is on, press and hold
this button until the unit shuts off. Remember, the receiver/display unit has an auto-off feature, so if you
forget to turn it off, the unit will turn itself off if no probe transmissions are received in a 30 minute

5) Backlight button - Press this switch momentarily to turn on the backlight. If the back light is on, press
this switch again to turn the backlight off.

6) Backlight control - Press the > arrow button to increase the backlight intensity.
Press the < arrow key to decrease the backlight intensity.
Sensor/Transmitter Probe Features:

1) Upper connection tab - The probe unit transmits the RF signal onto this stainless steel tab. Attach the
downrigger cable to this tab. This connection must be isolated from the water with rubberized electrical
tape to prevent the transmitted signal from being absorbed in the water. Rubberized electrical tape is
included with the Depth Raider system.

2) Raised Boss - This raised boss is part of the injection molded housing. It's purpose is to provide an
electrically isolated flange that the rubberized tape can adhere to ensuring a good seal. This boss is also
handy to quickly determine which side of the probe unit connects to the downrigger cable.

3) Lower Connection Tab - This tab is used to connect the downrigger cannonball. Be sure to use an 18”
-24” drop leader of lower test. If the cannonball gets snagged on the bottom, its better to lose the
cannonball rather than the probe and the cannonball. This tab is internally electrically isolated from the
upper connection tab. Therefore, there is no need to use rubberized electrical tape on this interconnect.

4) Ferromagnetic Rotor - We call it a ‘Paddle Wheel’. This device is molded of plastic and magnetic
particles. It has 6 teeth or ‘paddles’ around the circumference. Every time a tooth passes by the magnetic
sensor located inside the unit, an electrical pulse is generated. The probe unit measures speed by
counting these magnetic pulses over a specific period of time.

5) Battery Cap - Remove this screw-on cap to access the battery compartment. The cap features a two-O-
ring seal to prevent water entry into the unit. Also, this cap has an aggressive knurled exterior that aids
the user in removing the cap with wet, slippery hands. Be sure to keep the O-rings well lubricated with
Vaseline or similar lubricants. Tightening the cap without lubricant can quickly damage O-rings.
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